The Doctor Is In

The National Indian Cannabis Coalition is the only Native American voice advocating in Washington, D.C. for the rights of all Tribes on the issues of the emerging regulated cannabis market. In order for economic growth from cannabis to have a positive impact for Indian Country, it is imperative that Tribes be included in legislative efforts. NICC is here to help Tribes take the forefront as we create the business and governmental structures needed to move ahead with this remarkable opportunity.

At our core, we have a four-tiered approach. Educate, Advocate, Navigate, and Collaborate. We educate Tribal entities about the considerations associated with entering the regulated cannabis market. We advocate for parity for Tribes on Capitol Hill and in the Administration. We navigate the challenges of establishing a cannabis industry alongside Tribal leaders. And we collaborate with business and industry in ways to partner with Tribes.

Our goal at NICC is to help the creation of self-sufficient tribal communities. We are here to help position Indian Country as leaders in future cannabis agricultural production. By leveraging our natural resources, our land and our labor force, individual Nations can work together to create regional growing and processing centers that may one day lead to global distribution of industrial hemp. As we all know, while gaming enterprises have been successful for some Tribes, it is not an option for every Tribe. It is in all of our interests to find alternative enterprises for tribes, and cannabis (especially hemp) has the potential to become just as vital to Indian Country as gaming is.

This is an exciting time, and I hope you will continue to follow NICC as we build a network for Tribal leadership to work together, share success and collectively advocate for parity in Indian Country.